NETSTAR Tracking Systems

From: R99,00 per month

Tracking systems afford you the technology in your vehicle to track /find/recover your vehicle. Depending on the level of tracker selected , Features are available to assist with different functions such as live time tracking , driver behaviour, even a SARS logbook which is filled in by your tracker App. And many more. some insurers insist on you having a tracker fitted , but even if they do not require it , it is still a great idea to have one installed. The correct tracker will open up a whole new world of car ownership and management to you. Here are the two most commonly sold options ( top level , and entry level) other options are available.

Options Available:
Netstar Early warning cash option - from R1 250,00 + R209,00 per month
Netstar Nano Cash option - from R899,00 + R99,00 per month
Netstar Early warning 36 month rental - from R219,00 per month
Netstar Nano 36 month rental - from R119,00 per month
Netstar early warning upfront payment 36 month cover - from R8 700,00
Netstar Nano upfront payments , 36 month cover - from R4 500,00

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