Buying a car

How do I purchase a vehicle online?
Browse our online showroom using our convenient vehicle filter, click on the enquire now button and one of our qualified sales consultants will contact you to guide you through the process. We can assist you with all your requirements online, including applying for finance. We also deliver nationwide.
What documents do I need to buy a car?
ID and proof of address if it is a cash transaction. In addition, your latest payslip and 3 months bank statements are required if you are applying for finance.
Do I need a driver’s licence to buy a car?
Yes, if you are applying for finance. No if it is a cash purchase. However, the insurance risk lies solely on you if you do not have a driver’s licence.
How can I trust that I am buying a quality used vehicle?
Every used vehicle that is sold by Rola is subjected to a thorough inspection before we even buy the vehicle. This includes verifying whether vehicle was previously in accident or stolen. It then undergoes a stringent quality check, roadworthy test and professional reconditioning process.

Financing a car

What documents do I need to apply for finance?
  1. ID, driver’s licence
  2. proof of address (not older than 3 months)
  3. latest payslip
  4. 3 months bank statements
How long does the finance application process take?
If you have all the required documentation on available, it usually takes 24hrs from the time of the initial application.

Selling a car

How do I sell my car online?
Simply fill in your particulars including your vehicle details on our user-friendly Sell page. Our pricing team will provide you with an offer within 24rs (if your vehicle meets our buying criteria). Should you accept, we will arrange to inspect your vehicle, complete the paperwork and pay you for your car.
What documents do I need to sell my car?
  1. Registration document (RC1)
  2. ID
  3. Proof of address
  4. valid settlement letter (if applicable)
How does Rola determine the value of my car?
Rola uses all relevant market data that we have available in order to provide you with a fair and accurate offer for your car.
Is the offer that is sent to me the final offer?
The offer we send you is our best offer up front. This is then subject to the inspection of your vehicle. Adjustments will be made for dents, scratches, worn tyres etc.
Why is my offer different to the book value for my car?
The book value is often outdated and not a true reflection of your vehicle’s worth when considering current market conditions.
What happens once I have accepted the offer?
Rola will contact you to arrange the inspection of your vehicle. Once completed, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork for you to sign and then pay you.
What happens at the time of inspection?
Our qualified evaluator will inspect the original documents, spare key and service books and then complete a 15min inspection inside and outside your vehicle. A short test drive of the vehicle will also be necessary. We will then discuss the outcome of the inspection and finalise our offer with you.
How long does the process to sell my car take?
Turnaround time is typically 24-48hrs.

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