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Rola Re-Finance

At Rola, we would like to help you navigate the uncertain waters that lie ahead. If you are in a position where your vehicle has been paid for in full and you require some operating capital, or if you are in a position where you have been paying off your monthly installments for a good couple of years now, and you find yourself in a situation where you need a lower monthly installment... Why not refinance your vehicle?

Let our experienced staff assist you in structuring your vehicle ownership to a point where it makes more financial sense, and offers you a bit of monthly breathing space, or a capital lifeline when you could need one. Let your car work for you for a change.
Rola Financial services (PTY) LTD trading as Rola Financial services (FSP 51266).
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is re-financing?
Basically, refinancing is a process where we at Rola, finance a vehicle you already own, to either reduce your installment or offer you some cash in your pocket. There are two distinct scenarios; the first is where you fully own the vehicle, and there is no outstanding finance on the asset. In this case, we would agree on a price with you after inspecting the vehicle and buy the vehicle from you at the agreed price, paying you out that amount. We then sell the vehicle back to you at the agreed price including our service fee and check required. The second scenario is where you have outstanding finance on your vehicle; This process works the same as scenario one, and you will then end up with either a lower monthly installment, or a similar installment as before, and a cash pay-out. Both scenarios work out so you are left with a solution where you can pay off your vehicle monthly, and are afforded a bit of financial breathing space by doing so.
Will you re-finance any car?
Due to the impact from the CPA, we are not in a position to re-finance vehicles older than 10 years, or with more than 150 000km on the clock, and other conditions. We reserve the right to refuse re-finance based on conditions and circumstances.
Can I add to my Car?
Re-finance is the perfect time to add a mechanical warranty, or a service plan if your car’s plans have already or are about to expire. We can also add basic body repairs and other options to the finance, allowing you to customize and bring back the fun and coverage in owning your car, without needing to put down a lump sum to do so, and also put you in a position where you will not need to dig into your pocket at a time when you least need it ( service and unexpected repairs).
Can anyone re-finance?
The re-finance process works the same as a normal finance transaction, so your re-finance is subject to approval from the financing institution.
Can a company re-finance?
Yes, we can re-finance a company vehicle, and we have found that a lot of companies are using re-finance to get hold of a bit of operating capital after the blow of the COVID lockdown on company cash flow.
What documents do I need to apply?
We would need your ID, driver's licence, proof of residence not older than 3 months, at least the last 3 months pay-slips, and the last 6 months bank statements. The application process in the case of a company differs in the sense that we would need FICA documents ( ID, driver’s license, proof of residence) from each director, along with a proof of business address, company registration documents (CIPC), company bank statements for the last 6 months as well as a proxy letter appointing a representative who will act on behalf of the company.

In some cases, we might need annual financials as well, but this will be requested by the financing institution if needed.
Can I re-finance someone else’s Vehicle?
Yes, you can. Where the vehicle might be in a family member’s name, who initially financed the vehicle and now it needs to be financed in someone else’s name due to financial restraints or even disagreements with the initial terms - follow the same process, but the deal is considered a buy-in from the first person, and a sell to the second, with Rola acting as a middle man.
Can I re-finance my broken car?
No, we cannot finance a vehicle that is not mechanically sound to start with.

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