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Why deal with Rola?

  • Experience:

    • We have been pricing cars for more than 50 years
  • Knowledge:

    • Our source of knowledge is linked to our 11 franchise brands
  • Relationships:

    • We have valued our customer relationships since our inception in 1963
  • Trust:

    • Rola's legacy is built on integrity
  • Convenience:

    • Immediate payment
    • We take care of all the paperwork
  • Safe and secure:

    • Safe and secure transaction process
    • We come to you or you can visit one of our 15 dealerships across the Western Cape

Get a Rola Offer

  1. Fill out the basic online form
  2. Receive an offer within 24hrs
  3. We inspect and validate
  4. Receive the payment
Please Note
  • We currently only buy in the Western Cape
  • We only purchase vehicles in working condition
  • We do not simply buy any car and are particular about the quality of vehicles we purchase
  • Older vehicles with high mileage also might not fit our buying criteria
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